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Dog Training & Behaviour Therapy

Dog training is simply opening up the lines of communication between human and canine. Using positive reinforcement methods, it can be a wonderful way to strengthen your bond together. And a well-trained dog means more freedom for you and your canine companion to lead rich, fulfilling lives together.

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Dog Training - Private Behaviour Therapy
Dog Training - Private

Training - 6 Sessions
1 Hour / Session
Behaviour Therapy

$95 / Hour
$350 for 4 (1hr) Sessions

Dog Training:
At Pawsitively Precious Pets, you learn positive reinforcement techniques for basic dog training. In private sessions, you receive one-on-one attention. You and your dog benefit from training that gives you the tools to lead full, happy lives.

Dog Behaviour Therapy:
At Pawsitively Precious Pets, you can also get private, one-on-one guidance for any canine behaviour issues with which you may be struggling.



Pawsitively Precious Pets' Work

Pawsitively Precious Pets, you will learn how to train your dog using positive reinforcement techniques that will help build and strengthen the bond between you and your dog and allow you to lead rich, fulfilling lives together.




Located in Westmount, Quebec, Pawsitively Precious Pets is owned and operated by Sarita Marje-Donaldson, CTB.ccs.

Sarita loves animals and has been caring for them since the age of seven. She graduated from McGill University with a B.Sc. in Environment, specializing in Biodiversity and Conservation and worked for Humane Society International/Canada before deciding to start her own pet-care business. After walking dogs for three years and volunteering at the Montreal SPCA, Sarita came to realize the tremendous importance of proper dog training and soon turned her attention to positive reinforcement dog training and canine behaviour rehabilitation. She is a member of both the Montreal SPCA and the Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers. Currently, she is pursuing a Masters in Animal Behaviour.